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Birth Doulas

Annie Hayden, CD(DONA)

Services Offered: Birth doula

Serving: Capital Region

Phone: (518) 466-9096


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Annie grew up wanting to be a midwife, but ultimately chose a different career path in college, and worked as a journalist for seven years. She was called back to birth work after her nephew was born in 2013. She completed her birth doula training with DONA shortly afterward, and began attending births, learning through each experience and from the amazing support system found in her local doula colleagues.

Annie believes in the woman’s inherent ability to give birth and is educated in the normal, physiological process of birth. She also believes every woman deserves to birth the way she wants to and to be treated with respect regardless of any informed decision she makes.

Annie is also a trained childbirth educator, allowing her to offer the families she works with an extra level of education throughout the time they are working together.

She provides women and families with resources and information about the options available and stands solidly beside them as they navigate through the transformational experience of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

When she is not busy with her doula work, Annie spends her days with her daughter, Cora, whom she birthed in 2017, with the help and support of her wonderful doula community.