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Rose Mitchell-Tenerowicz

Services Offered: Birth Doula Support, Pregnancy, Birth and Newborn Photography

Serving: Greater Capital Region

Phone: (413) 230-6805



The moment her newborn baby was placed on her chest after his birth, Rose Mitchell-Tenerowicz was both empowered by what she had just done and humbled by the knowledge that this is something every woman is capable of doing. In her first year of motherhood, she found her ideals as a feminist, a social justice activist and a mom intersecting at the childbirth experience. She came to the realization that the whole world is powered by mothers; she acknowledged that she had been bit by the birth junky bug; she participated in a doula training with DONA in June, 2010; and the rest, as they say, is history. When she met Christy Douglas in 2013, it was quickly apparent to both of them that they would make a great team, and so they formed a professional bond, as well as a close friendship.

Mother Powered is founded on the idea that women should enter motherhood empowered by their birth experience, whatever it may be. As the keystones of their families, women need to be informed and supported through the transitions that come with new babies. Rose has found an incredible strength in herself as she has grown into a doula, and greatly enjoys serving women and their families with this strength. She also loves documenting this time as a birth photographer. Showing mothers images of their incredible strength and beauty as they deliver their babies is an absolute thrill.

In addition to doula and birth photography work, Rose is proud to work as the Center Manager at Albany’s Family Life Center, the longest standing independent childbirth support center in the Capital Region. She lives in downtown Albany in a sweet old house filled with Y chromosomes.